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Pennsylvania's Top Valentine's Day Gifts

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Wondering what to get your significant other for Valentine's Day?

Here are the top V-Day gifts in Pennsylvania, according to a survey by

  1. A bouquet of roses
  2. Chocolates
  3. Chocolate diamond rings
  4. A bouquet of flowers
  5. Sunglasses

When it comes to flowers, roses steal the show in Pennsylvania, with 41 percent of the state choosing roses as their favorite Valentine's Day flower. Twenty-three percent prefer Tulips and 14 percent like Orchids.

The survey found 36 percent of consumers prefer a box of chocolates and 22 percent prefer chocolate covered strawberries for their top Valentine's Day treats.

But make sure you don't get your partner lingerie/underwear or a bottle of alcohol, those are Pennsylvania shoppers' least favorite gifts for Valentine's Day.

The survey also found 38 percent of people in the state will celebrate the day by spending a night in, 11 percent will go to dinner before and 11 percent plan to have a night on the town after dinner.

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