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PSCPA Rescues 14 Cats From Former Home of Grace Kelly

By Diana Rocco

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Pennsylvania SPCA officers rescued 14 cats from the former home of Grace Kelly in Philadelphia's East Falls neighborhood Thursday afternoon.

Cats living in filth removed from a famous Philadelphia landmark and the owner, 81-year-old Majorie Bamont, arrested for animal cruelty.

"I'm very sad if that's case," neighbor Blair Kellher said.

The Henry Avenue home once belonged to the family of Grace Kelly, built by her father and sold decades ago.

Neighbors say over the years they've seen animals at the home that didn't look healthy.

"Other than the dogs which we stopped seeing, didn't know about cats or anything else," neighbor Ilene Boer said.

Police say after numerous complaints, an animal control officer showed up to find a dead cat in the foyer and a search revealed 14 others that looked sick or malnourished.

"A lot of them were very thin in need of medical care," George Bengal of the Pennsylvania SPCA said.

Authorities say the home was covered in cat waste and infested with fleas. Horrible conditions not fit for animals or people.

"This lady at one time was an animal rescue. This has turned into a hoarder situation," Bengal said.

The woman has lived here for decades, most recently with a man in his 40's who is now incarcerated on unrelated charges. She was taken into custody and will undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

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