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Pennsylvania Primary 2021 Results: Philadelphia District Attorney, Ballot Questions

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- All eyes were on Philadelphia's race for district attorney. Democratic incumbent Larry Krasner declared victory over challenger Carlos Vega.  The democratic incumbent fended off a challenge in his own party.

Krasner defeated Carlos Vega 65% to 35%. This is with 83% of precincts reporting.

Vega conceded.

Criminal defense attorney Chuck Peruto is running unopposed as a Republican.

Peruto has previously said he would drop out of the race if Vega defeats Krasner in the primary.

Pennsylvania voters also decided the outcome of statewide ballot questions.

Two of them dealt with the power to make emergency declarations as we've seen during the pandemic.

Here are the results:

Ballot question one would give the general assembly power to end or extend a disaster emergency declaration issued by the governor.
54 percent have voted yes, 46 percent have voted no.

The second question would change the state constitution so the governor's emergency declarations automatically expire after 21 days.
This vote is also a 54 percent to 46 percent split.

The third ballot question would prohibit denying someones' equal rights under Pennsylvania law because of race or ethnicity.
The Associated Press says this amendment has been approved. The yes side has about 71% of the vote.

The 'vote count in Philadelphia went slower than expected. The Office of Philadelphia City Commissioners says there was a problem with the automatic openers for mail-in ballots. They were opened by hand.

See the full results below as the races are called.


*With 83% of divisions reporting

  • Larry Krasner (D - incumbent) - 75,910 votes (64.63%)
  • Carlos Vega (D) - 41,440 votes (35.28%)
  • Chuck Peruto (R) - 8,285 votes (94.79%)

STATEWIDE REFERENDUM – ACT 2020-91: Approved, Associated Press declares

Making Municipal Fire and Emergency Medical Services Companies Eligible for Loans

JOINT RESOLUTION NO. 2021 – 1: Approved, Associated Press declares

Proposing separate and distinct amendments to the Constitution of Pennsylvania, in declaration of rights, providing for prohibition against denial or abridgment of equality of rights because of race and ethnicity; in legislation, further providing for action on concurrent orders and resolutions; and, in the executive, providing for disaster emergency declaration and management.


Relating to Termination or Extension of Disaster Emergency Declarations


Disaster Emergency Declaration and Management

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