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Pennsylvania House Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

By Kim Glovas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Pennsylvania House of Representatives moved the state one step closer to the legalization of medical marijuana.

A majority of House members voted for Senate Bill 3, and Governor Wolf says he'll sign the bill when it get to his desk.

24 states have already legalized medical marijuana, and State Representative Margo Davidson says liberals and conservatives alike voted for the measure:

"You had this strange coalition, but it was a powerful one that was able to get this passed in the house."

Davidson voted yes, saying cannabis can fight many diseases, and it seems more are added daily:

"One of the main ones is epilepsy, particularly in children. Cannabis has been shown to really provide amazing results in treating epilepsy in children, diminishing the symptoms, relieving the pain."

Cannabis also decreases opioid abuse says Lisa Rough, legislative specialist with Leafly, the World's Cannabis Resource:

"States that have had legalized medical marijuana have seen a drastic drop in opiate related deaths and in the abuse of opioids."

Davidson says the bill could get to the Governor's desk as early as Wednesday.

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