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Pennsylvania Man Facing Charges After Being Caught On Video Using 'Finger Gun' Gesture Towards Neighbor

HARRISBURG, Pa (CBS) -- A Pennsylvania man who was caught on surveillance video making his hand look like a gun and pointing it at his neighbor is now facing charges. A dispute between neighbors has led to a unique ruling in the Pennsylvania Superior Court.

"I'm 63 years old never had of anything not even a traffic ticket," Stephen Kirchner says.

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He says he was standing up for his girlfriend Elaine Keeno, who had a no contact order against her neighbor.

"The bar has now been lowered for what constitutes disorderly conduct," Keeno said.

According to a court ruling, the two were walking in an alley behind Josh Klingseisen's garden in Harrisburg, when Kirchner's eyes met Klingseisen's.

Kirchner formed a finger gun with his thumb and forefinger, pointed it at the neighbor and pulled the imaginary trigger.

A bystander saw the exchange and called 911.

"And he pointed his finger out like he was going to shoot somebody. So I went and called the cops cause you just don't know now a days," that neighbor said.

Kirchner now faces disorderly conduct charges and appealed to the Pennsylvania Superior Court where the ruling was upheld.

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"Did you make a gun motion?" one reporter asked.

"I went like that, yeah. That's what I did. It was wrong," Kirchner replied.

credit: CBS3

He was ordered to pay a $100 fine and court costs along with his disorderly conduct charge.

The actual criminality of it all, according to the court, was the act served no legitimate purpose and recklessly risked provoking an altercation.

CBS3's Dan Koob reports.

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