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'You Get What We Got': Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Limits In-Store Alcoholic Purchases To 2 Bottles Per Day

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Some tough news for liquor lovers. Starting on Friday, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is limiting some liquor and wine you can buy.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board said it's because some well-known brands are hard to come by. But also supply chain issues are impacting the hospitality injury as a whole.

"We just got to do the best with what we got," Michael Oliver said. "You get what we got."

And what you're going to get is less of what you want. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is limiting over 40 brand names of champagne, bourbon, tequila, and whiskey you can buy to two bottles per day. The board blames pandemic-related supply chain issues.

The two-bottle per day limit is for customers at state-operated stores, as well as bars and restaurants. That means there's more work for bar managers like Joseph Quintela from the Garces Group's Village Whiskey and Tinto.

"We'll adapt our practices," Quintela said. "If we need to go to the store four times a week to make sure our customers have the stock that they like, we're going to do that leg work for you."

These supply chain issues have been going on for a while now and they impact more than just your in-store purchases.

"It's getting worse before it's getting better," Jake Atkinson of Human Robot Brewery said. "I'll be honest, yeah."

Atkinson is the co-owner of Human Robot Brewery in North Philadelphia. He said they're having issues getting aluminum cans, glassware, and even grain. As they prepare for Oktoberfest, he said brewing that beer was an issue, as well.

"A lot of Oktoberfest beers were affected by that," Atkinson said. "And a lot of people have been scrambling to get their Oktoberfest beers ready because malt has been so hard to come by."

A few blocks away in Northern Liberties, Italian eatery Figo was supposed to open mid-summer. But they also couldn't get supplies like chairs and plates. Even their pizza oven was on backorder. As we now approach fall, owner Derek Gibbons said they'll be open in a few weeks.

"Things that you could get in a week or two is taking months now," Gibbons said.

As for the Liquor Board, they said items will be added to and taken off the list as supply issues evolve.

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