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Pennsylvania LCB Unsure When Decision Will Be Made On Beer Sales At Delaware County Wawa

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) -- A spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board says it is difficult to say how long the agency may take to consider a license to allow a Wawa store in Concord Township, Delaware County, to sell beer.

Liquor Control Board spokeswoman Stacy Kriedeman says the Wawa store in Concord Township will be applying for a restaurant license and would have to meet all the requirements for that license.

"All the physical requirements – they would need 400 square feet in their licensed premises, they would need seating for at least 30 people," she says. "They would need a valid health permit. Everything that a restaurant would need to get a liquor license they'll need, as well."

But there are other variables, as well. There is a 30 day comment period, and Kriedeman says depending on what those comments are and who is making them, the Wawa license application could end up before a hearing examiner.

"Anyone can provide comments," she says. "But some of those comments depending on who they are and where those comments are coming from may send it to a hearing. And so it's difficult to put a time frame on the process."

But the bottom line, Kriedeman says, is that there is nothing special about the Wawa application. More than 250 supermarkets and convenience stores in Pennsylvania have been granted licenses for carry out beer.

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