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Pa. House Could Pass Voter ID Bill Today; Corbett Ready To Sign It

By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) - The state House today is expected to send Governor Corbett a controversial bill to require that voters show photo ID at the polls and the governor says he's ready to sign it.

As the state House began debate on the voter photo ID bill Monday, an emotional Delaware County Democrat Greg Vitali suggested it was pure electioneering in a presidential election year.

"Defeat Barack Obama -- that's what this is all about! … It's being done by Republicans universally. Why? To influence the presidential election. And those of you who support this ought to be ashamed of yourself."

But, Governor Corbett dismisses the criticisms of Democrats, who say the bill will just create unnecessary obstacles for people who want to vote, particularly the elderly while there's no conclusive evidence of the kind of fraud the measure is aimed at preventing.

"I completely disagree. There's no barrier to vote. You have to have a photo ID to go just about anywhere today."

About an elderly and/or infirmed person who might find it difficult to get a photo ID, Corbett says, "we will be able to figure out a way to get them a photo [ID] and I just don't understand today – maybe there are people out there who don't have photo IDs -- but we'll be able to get it to them."

Democrats are already vowing court challenges to the requirement.

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