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Pennsylvania Governor Corbett Signs Budget, Vetoes Legislative Funding

By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) -- Governor Corbett today signed Pennsylvania's new budget into law, but he also used his line-item veto pen.

The budget does not increase taxes but relies on one-time fixes to cover a significant state deficit.

Citing his concerns, Corbett has used his line-item veto power to trim $72 million.  Most of that, $65 million, is money the legislature had appropriated for its own operating expenses.

The governor defended the move, saying lawmakers have much more than that -- about $150 million -- sitting in reserve.

"We're not knocking out funding for them. We're blue-lining funding.  But they have reserves there.  If that is such an important item for them, they can take that money from the huge reserve.  You know, Pennsylvania doesn't have a reserve.  We don't have a rainy day fund. But the legislature does," Corbett said.

He also tweaked lawmakers for leaving town with unfinished business.

"They need to come back and enact pension reform.  It is time,"  the governor said.  "It is time for much needed financial relief to our families, to our senior citizens, to our school districts, and to our communities.  And as I say that, I am reviewing more options. And you'll be hearing more of that -– what we're going to do to get this done."

When asked if one of those options might be calling lawmakers back for a special session, the the governor said only that all options are on the table.


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