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Pennsylvania AG's Office Receives Potential New Evidence In Mysterious Death Of Ellen Greenberg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office has received potential new evidence in the mysterious death of Ellen Greenberg. She's the Philadelphia school teacher whose death was ruled a suicide after she was found stabbed 20 times a decade ago.

The AG's office confirms it's reviewing the case for the first time in years.

Among the potential new evidence includes an expert's deposition that shows at least one of Greenberg's 20 stab wounds had no hemorrhaging or bleeding, meaning it happened after she was dead.

Despite that new potential evidence, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro did not want to answer any of our questions.

Shapiro didn't want to talk about a deposition from May of a medical expert who re-examined a part of Greenberg's death.

Greenberg was a Juniata Park teacher found dead in her Manayunk apartment back in 2011.

"What's significant here is that there's no hemorrhage," neuropathologist Lyndsey Emery said in her May deposition.

"It tells us that a number of the wounds might have been postmortem. At least one definitely." Josh Greenberg, Ellen's father, said.

Josh and Sandee Greenberg are Ellen's parents. It's easy for them to understand the expert's findings.

"If they're postmortem that means they were done after death and Ellen could not have done them," Josh Greenberg said.

But Shapiro, the state's top cop, dodged CBS3's questions Tuesday following an unrelated news conference.

Greenberg's death has been ruled a suicide for more than a decade. Her parents never believed that was the case, and neither does the more than 120,000 people who signed a petition that's been calling on the Pennsylvania Attorney general to revisit the case.

But the Greenberg's attorney has not gotten the AG's office to recently review the case despite the new deposition being in the public record for months.

"Anybody can access this information, even members of the public," attorney Joe Podraza said.

The AG's office told Eyewitness News last week it would only revisit the case after the Greenberg's attorney directly sent the office the potential new evidence. That happened only after CBS3 told Podraza. He just sent the new information Friday.

Meantime, the Greenbergs are going into another holiday season with so many unanswered questions.

"For us, it's a hole when it comes to a family holiday. It's like an empty seat that she would sit at," Josh Greenberg said.

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