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Nearly 40 dogs removed from deplorable conditions in NJ

Nearly 40 dogs removed from deplorable conditions at South Jersey home
Nearly 40 dogs removed from deplorable conditions at South Jersey home 01:54

PENNSVILLE, N.J. -- Dozens of dogs filled with fleas have been removed from a home in South Jersey. An animal rescue has stepped up to nurse them back to health, but help from the community is needed.

Animal Control pulled back onto Newcomb Lane in Pennsville on Tuesday morning after neighbors told Eyewitness News that they've been complaining for weeks of dogs crying and knocking over trash cans.

"We just thought there was maybe like three or four dogs outside and maybe three or four inside," said Wanda Buckalew. "I've rescued quite a few of them from getting hit on this road right here over and over again."

But officials say 37 dogs living in deplorable conditions were removed from the home over the past two days.

"It's one of the worst cases that we've seen," Courtney Prinski said. "A lot of these dogs have little to no fur on their bodies and extensive sores from the fleas that they've been fighting off. It's incredibly heartbreaking. My eyes have watered many times over the last two days as I've seen these guys come in."

Renee's Rescues, a local nonprofit volunteer group, was called in to help get the dogs immediate medical attention. They're Chihuahua mixes ranging from 5 weeks to 7 years old.

The rescue says the owners agreed to surrender the animals.

The dogs are now receiving shots and are being placed with foster families.

"We rely wholly on donations for the care of these dogs and every dollar that you donate goes directly to caring for these pups," Pinski said.

Pennsville Township police say no charges are being filed at this time and the owners have severe health problems.

As for the dogs, they have a long road of healing ahead.

"In addition to their physical ailments, these dogs are incredibly fearful of humans," Pinski said.

The dogs will not be adoptable for several weeks until they are in much better shape.

To donate to Renee's Rescues, click here.

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