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PennDOT Prepares For Snow

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation started preparing Thursday for the forecasted snow.

Penndot crews sprayed salt brine on the expressways and most of the major highways in the region.

"Certainly, with the recent cold temperatures, anything that falls will pretty much stick to the surface immediately, so we wanted to get that anti-icing thing going early," said PennDOT spokesman Bob Kent.

He says salt crews will be at the ready.

"Certainly the colder it gets, the salt becomes less effective, so we may need to spread more of it. We will just have to wait and see. You know, monitor the storm, monitor the conditions, and make adjustments as needed," Kane said.

PennDOT reminds motorists to be on alert, especially on bridges and overpasses because they then to freeze up first.

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