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Penn State Offers Freshman Lower Tuition To Start At Branch Campus

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (CBS) - More students than expected accepted offers of admission to Penn State University's main campus for the fall, so the school is offering an attractive incentive to freshmen who agree to attend other campuses for their first year.

University spokesperson Heather Robbins says freshmen who agree to attend a satellite campus can get a big break on their tuition.

For in-state students "that would amount to a $10,000 reduction in their tuition for the first year," she says.

The $10,000 would be a combination of scholarship and the resulting lower tuition at a satellite campus.

Out-of-state students could save up to $15,000. Freshman can save an additional $5,000 toward housing if they switch a location with on-campus residency, including Beaver, Hazelton, Greater Allegheny and Mont Alto.

Older students returning to the main campus can benefit, too. They can opt out of their on-campus housing contracts without a fee.

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