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PCCY Hosts 8th Annual Give Kids A Smile Day

By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Public Citizens for Children and Youth is hosting its 8th Annual "Give Kids A Smile Day."

"Twenty-nine dentists have graciously opened their offices to provide care."

Colleen McCauley is Health Policy Director at PCCY. She says her group is offering children under 18 the chance for free dental screenings, cleanings and more.

"We talked to school nurses. Too many kids come to school with mouth pain and they didn't eat breakfast because their mouth hurts. So they're coming to school with pain in their mouth and an empty belly, so they can't do their best because they're distracted."

Give Kids A Smile Day is June 20th. McCauley says all parents or guardians need to do is sign up. The Volunteer hotline will be open weekdays from 9 to 6pm through June 19th. For more info, call 215-563-5848 extension 32.

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