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Senator Rand Paul: We Need To Restrict Entry From More Nations

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Kentucky Senator Rand Paul says Donald Trump's executive order halting entry into the US from seven Middle Eastern nations does not go far enough.

Paul told Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that it is still far too difficult to adequately vet all of refugees seeking asylum here.


"This mass migration out of the Middle East, because of the turmoil and all the wars, they're people that want to immigrate that have one name and no papers. So, how do you let a guy named whatever come out and he says, I'm from Afghanistan and there is nobody in Afghanistan that can verify who he is and where he's from? These countries are in such turmoil and have such little paperwork that to vet someone becomes almost impossible."

He stated that Congress has already considered a bill that implements many of the measures he thinks are necessary to combat the threat of terrorists trying to gain entry to the country through legal means.

"We had a bill about a year and a half ago, both and amendment a free standing bill, that would've said that we would have a temporary pause or a moratorium and it would last for all countries that have significant hotbeds of terrorism. It would last until we had a complete entry and exit program at the border. In our country, we, pretty much, know who comes in. We have no idea if you leave or not. About 40 percent of people who come to our country on a legitimate visa, we don't know whether you're still obeying the rules and whether you've gone. In fact, many people overstay that. Some of the 9/11 hijackers overstayed the visa. Some of the refugees who have come here, have come here to attack us. Really, we need to know that you've come, and if you were given an six month visa, we need to know that you went back home."

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