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Court Documents Allege Boy Told Coach Paterno Sandusky Molested Him Decades Ago

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- New court documents allege a boy told coach Joe Paterno that Jerry Sandusky molested him decades ago.

Paterno's family calls the allegations false.

It all came out in a Philadelphia court room this week and this morning, it hit the papers.

Joe Paterno is on the Daily News sports cover with the headline: 'Nittany Lyin?'

His family denies the unproven claims and wants a thorough and public investigation.

One of the allegations dates to 1976 when a boy reportedly told Paterno that assistant coach Jerry Sandusky molested him.

Additional claims allege other coaches and team staff witnessed or heard of Sandusky's sexual misbehavior in the late 1980s.

The reports surfaced in a judge's ruling Wednesday.

The dispute was between Penn State and its insurance company over Sandusky victim settlement payouts.

A Penn State spokesman says officials are aware of the allegations and will not comment further.

Again, no reports of these claims have been proven.

Joe Paterno passed away in 2012, the same year Sandusky was sentenced to up to 60 years in prison after being convicted of abusing 10

A judge recently approved a hearing for Sandusky that could lead to a new trial.

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