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PATCO GM: Wifi Will Be Available To Riders In October

By Mike Dougherty

LINDENWOLD, NJ (CBS) -- PATCO riders will soon be able to check their email and send tweets from trains and stations via free WiFi.

WiFi access underground has been one of the top requests made by PATCO riders. General manager John Rink says it will be ready to go in a few weeks.


"The plan with our partner Comcast is we will be able to provide any of our customers free access to WiFi."

Comcast customers can just use their login and password to get online. Everyone else will have to open their web browser, agree to the terms of service and provide an email address.

"We're looking forward to flipping on the switch and having that service available in the beginning of October."

Rink says they are testing the system now to identify and remove any software bugs.

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