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Passengers Arriving From Ft. Lauderdale Recount Deadly Shooting Rampage

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- "At 1:05 she texted me and said there's an active shooter," said passenger Gina Nostrant.

From that moment on fear and panic consumed Gina Nostrant. Her sister and nephew were inside the terminal at the Ft. Lauderdale airport where a lone shooter was opening fire on passengers in the baggage claim area. Gina was boarding her flight in another terminal when she got her sisters message.

"My nephew heard the shots and everybody freaked out and they ran out."

Chaos and carnage followed as police said the 26-year-old gunman left five people dead and at least eight injured. Airports like Philadelphia International acted swiftly with a major police presence, stepping up security inside and outside of baggage claim areas.

Passenger David Venable explains what it was like.

"We were boarding, I didn't know what was happening until I got a text from a friend here in Philly asking if I was OK," Venable said.

David, Gina and many of these folks gathering their luggage were on one of the last flights out of Ft. Lauderdale before the airport was shut down.

At last check Gina said her sister is still stuck at the Ft. Lauderdale airport, left with images of an unshakable tragedy.

Nostrant said this is unthinkable.

"Everybody's just shaken...they're very very scared."

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