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PA's Turn To Examine Regulation Of Fantasy Sports Betting

By Tony Romeo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A day after lawmakers in New Jersey tackled the issue, a Pennsylvania House committee held a hearing on potential regulation of the fantasy sports betting industry.

As was the case in New Jersey, much of the discussion at the Pennsylvania House Gaming Oversight Committee focused on whether fantasy sports betting is a game of skill or chance. Doug Sherman, Chief Counsel for the Gaming Control Board, argued that it is both. Sherman said there is certainly skill in picking the players… but after that…

"You as the player have no other involvement in that. You sit back… and really, at that point, there is a luck element, or a chance element."

The chairman of the House Gaming Oversight Committee, Republican John Payne, reiterated that it is not his intention to shut down fantasy sports betting in Pennsylvania… but…

"But make no doubt about this: I have the resolve to make sure that something does happen."

Payne says he hopes the outcome will be a "win-win."

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