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'Parking Wars' Personalities Enjoying Better Treatment

PPA employees who appear on the A&E show "Parking Wars" are now getting recognized on the streets of Philadelphia.

KYW's Hadas Kuznits reports that after four seasons, booters Sherry Royal and Steve Garfield say they are now getting nice reactions from people on the street while they're working:

"They just say, it's Sherry from Parking Wars!"

"It's made me very recognizable."

"I'm booting your cars -- and they're happy!"

"It's nice that people instead of cursing us, will come up and shake our hand!"

And Garfield says it's flattering how people know about their home lives:


"They'll ask Sherry how her kids are and me, about my cat because that was on the show, so I think that has really made us much more likeable. People don't hate us nearly as much as they used to."

Kuznits: "So they hate you less?"

"I think they hate us a lot less."

Garfield says the show makes PPA employees more relatable. You can tune into a new season of the show, this fall.

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