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Parents Keep An Eye On The Pics Kids Share With Kuddle

By Melony Roy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- There's now a rival to Instagram designed for kids.

Kuddle was designed specifically for children but lets parents monitor what their children publish and keeps access to content restricted, preventing strangers from seeing and sharing pictures.

"If a kid is going to be sharing pictures anyway, this is a pretty good option," said Rob Zidar, the co-founder of "Third Parent" — a Flemington, NJ-based service that will audit your teen's online activities.

"We would question whether any 7-year-old should be sharing pictures, because the impulse to share selfies is very powerful and there is a safety issue with that," he said.

In order to sign up, the child needs to use their parent's email. And whenever a photo or friend has been added, parents will be notified via email to ensure that the photos they post and the friends they add are not unsavory characters.

"Thirteen is the age limit for most social networks, but that should depend more on the maturity of the child. The parents really have to be involved in figuring out when's the right time," Zidar said.

Like Instagram, Kuddle is free. Unlike Instagram, there are no hashtags or comments in order to prevent online bullying. And if you like the picture, your "like" shows up anonymously.

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