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Parents, Council Rock School District Meet To Discuss Hateful Vandalism

NEWTOWN, Pa. (CBS) -- It was billed as an informal presentation by the Council Rock School District Superintendent. Whatever was discussed with parents, happened behind closed doors as the media was not allowed in.

"That's unbelievable," said Jigar Mehta, a parent who attended the meeting. "The point behind this meeting is diversity and inclusion. So, I think we need the media there to be part of the inclusion.

The closed door meeting was prompted by vandalism; racist and homophobic images found last week at Council Rock High School North.

Swastikas were scrawled on walls in the boys and girls bathrooms and someone wrote "I love Trump," with a homophobic slur. Also, a Latina student says she found a note in her backpack telling her to go back to Mexico.

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"I'm embarrassed to be living in the Council Rock School District amid this activity," said Goldie Cohen.

"It's moments like this that make the white people that I know go 'oh my gosh, this is happening in our community' like it's a surprise and I think it's a good thing for it to be exposed so that we can all work together," one parent said.

After more than two hours, parents started emerging from what they described as a spirited meeting. Some seemed hopeful, while others are demanding more action from the school district.

"There was a diversity of opinions and perspectives and suggestions," said Bill Heinemean. "I think overall, I was encouraged."

"This is happening at the high school and it's going to filter down. It's going to happen in the junior high. I'm going to have my daughter going to junior high next year," said Jennifer Adcock. "It's going to happen in the elementary schools and I want there to be a no tolerance policy."

"We had a very positive meeting this evening," said Superintendent Dr. Robert Fraser. "Excellent dialogue." He added that there will be another meeting on Tuesday to continue to discuss the issue with parents."


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