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Parents Take 30-Year-Old Son To Court To Evict Him From Their Home

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ONONDAGA COUNTY, N.Y. (CBS) -- A couple in New York state is very interested in experiencing empty-nest syndrome so they're kicking their son out of their house.

Now, a court in Onondaga County is reviewing the case.

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Mark and Christina Rotondo say their 30-year-old son, Michael Rotondo, doesn't pay rent and doesn't help out.

In several letters, they explicitly told him to get out.

Parents Mark Christina Rotondo Evict Son Letter1
Credit: CBS3/Onondaga County Court.

A series of eviction notice letters spanned the month of February.

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Letters addressed to Michael expressed that he was their "guest and there is no lease or agreement that gives you any right to stay here without our consent."

Parents Mark Christina Rotondo Evict Son Letter2
Credit: CBS3/Onondaga County Court.

In a letter dated Feb. 18, his parents offered him cash and advice on how to navigate being out of their home.

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"There are jobs available even for those with a poor work history like you. Get one -- you have to work!" said one letter.

Parents Mark Christina Rotondo Evict Son Letter3
Credit: CBS3/Onondaga County Court.

The parents' warnings of eviction went unheeded so they finally filed motions to have the court remove him from their home.

A court filing shows that Michael wants a judge to dismiss his parents' request.

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The court hearing is set for this week.

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