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'Paradise Has Been Destroyed': Local Man Pleads For Help As His Country Is Pummeled By Devastating Storms

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --The Bahamas continue to be pummeled by storms, homes and businesses have been destroyed and loved ones are waiting for any word from family. For Remy Duncombe, keeping his phone nearby, is key to keeping tabs on his family and friends in the eye of the storm.

"Most of my family are from the island of Grand Bahama," he says.

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Duncombe moved to the Philadelphia area back in 2001. He and his wife were planning a trip back home to the Bahamas this very week.

But, now he's consumed by worry as two major islands are consumed by the strongest storm every recorded to hit his country.

"This is paradise. Paradise has been destroyed," he said

Videos from his family chat show the destruction as water reaches the second floor of this house and crashes into a sliding glass door.

Dorian in Bahamas

On Abco Island, a gas station's roof was captured tilting like a house of cards.

Bahamas Dorian

"One of my cousins, her roof came off her house. And I'm talking about, she has an immaculate home. I mean a structurally sound home," Duncombe says.

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The storm has essentially stalled over Grand Bahama Island, after severely damaging more than 13,000 homes in Abaco.

The prime minister confirmed at least five people have died due to the storm and Duncombe knows many more are in danger.

So he's pleading for help, knowing his tiny island nation, where so many here have vacationed, will truly need it.

"We need relief efforts. We need building materials and building supplies," he said. "It's yours just as much as it's ours, and we're appealing for your help."

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The Bahamas prime minister says the country is in the midst of a historic tragedy and says the devastation on the Abaco Islands is unprecedented.

If you wish to help those affected by the devastation in the Bahamas, see the links below:

For the International Medical Corps, click here.

For the Bahamas Red Cross, click here.

For Heart to Heart International, click here.

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