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Packers Make McNabb's Mistake

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Donovan McNabb will be remembered for many things he did (and didn't do) during his NFL career. He'll be remembered as the best quarterback of all time (so far), for his failure to win a Super Bowl, for his air guitar prowess, and for not knowing there were ties in NFL football games.

As time wound down in the overtime period between the Bengals and Eagles in a 2008 regular season game, the two teams were tied at 13. When the game ended with the two teams tied, Donovan McNabb admitted he did not know an NFL game could end in a tie.

On Sunday, as the Packers and Vikings were tied at 26 in overtime, some Packers were following the same train of thought that McNabb was five years ago.
Overtime rules in 2013 are different than they were in 2008. In Sunday's game, both teams had scored three points during the overtime period.

The way overtime works now, gives the team that kicks the ball off in overtime a chance to score, if the receiving team only scores a field goal and not a touchdown. Since the Packers opened with a field goal, the Vikings received the ball, moved down the field, and tied the game with a field goal of their own.

No mention of any air guitar or vomiting from the Packers sidelines.

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