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Pa. Woman Claims She Was Brutally Assaulted After Telling Teens To Be Quiet At Local Movie Theater

STROUDSBURG, Pa. (CBS) – We've all probably been there. Sometimes when you're watching a movie, the people sitting around you can get a little too loud.

Cindy Santamaria Williams says she took a stand against it and wound up being assaulted.

Santamaria Williams says she told a few girls to pipe down inside a movie theater at the Stroud Mall in Stroud Township and it led to a confrontation that left her with a black eye, a broken eye socket and bruises.

First, she says the girls started harassing her. Then, after she notified management, she says they joined up with five more teens including two boys and waited for her outside in the parking lot.

That's when Santamaria Williams says she was brutally attacked.

"They immediately jumped on me and knocked me to the ground," a tearful Santamaria Williams recalled. "I can ID those girls. They were in my face, their faces are in my head. If I see them again, or in a lineup, I know exactly who they are."

The Stroudsburg Area Police Department is reviewing surveillance footage to help track down the teens, who could face simple assault charges.

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