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Pa. Voter Registration Deadline Tomorrow

By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Tomorrow, October 9th, is the last day to send in your Pennsylvania voter registration forms. Even if you are registered, today is a good time to check your voting status.

In order to vote in Pennsylvania you must be 18, be a US citizen and live in Pennsylvania for at least 30 days. You must also fill out the voting registration form in person or mail it in to your county commissioner's office.

"For one reason or another, some people get surprised on Election Day when a federal election rolls around and they realize they are not registered to vote."

Committee of Seventy President Zack Stalberg says if you haven't voted in a while, you may want to check your status buy going to or by calling 866-OUR-VOTE.

"If you missed two presidential elections, which is a span of five years, you could be purged from the voter rolls," says Stalberg.

City Commissioner Stephanie Singer encourages Philadelphians to register and then head out to the polls on Election Day.

"There are 1.1 million eligible Philadelphians. If we had a million votes in every election, Philadelphia would get the respect it deserves from the rest of the state."

She says voting has a huge impact on how resources are allocated by lawmakers.

"How much your neighborhood votes determines how much respect your neighborhood gets."

To download a voter registration form, go to or  You can also fill out a form in person at Philadelphia City Hall, Room 130, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow, since City Hall is closed today for Columbus Day.

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