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Pa. Troopers Are Cracking Down On Drivers Speeding In Work Zones

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Pennsylvania State troopers have a message for drivers on the Pennsylvania Turnpike -- Slow down, pay attention or you will pay.

It's all part of "Operation Orange Squeeze."

The speeding sting stems from a tragic loss. Nearly three years ago, a Pennsylvania Turnpike worker was killed near the Downingtown Exit because someone was speeding. Since then State Police have been conducting speeding stings to prevent workers from being injured or killed.

During Operation Orange Squeeze, Troopers wait for violators to drive through the work area so they can take the appropriate enforcement action.

Chopper 3 captured a series of traffic stops. The routine is repeated over and over. One car was clocked going 82 miles an hour. That's 27 miles above the posted speed limit. That driver, police say, is in some trouble.

"In an active man work zone, fines are doubled, and upon conviction, it's a loss of license for 15 days," Corporal Derrick Watford said.

The most common response from a driver who's pulled over: "Trooper, I had no idea."

"Just not paying attention," Watford said. "I heard today, 'I didn't see the signs, I didn't realize it.' As you came westbound on the Turnpike, there were numerous signs, portable signs, all kinds of instruments to let you know there is an active construction zone."

CBS3 spent about an hour and a half with troopers, and about 48 citations were issued.

Their campaign is to remind drivers to slow it down, and pay attention

"It could be you, your family member out here," Watford said. "Just pay attention so we can all get home safely."

This week is National Work Zone Awareness Week, and police say they have a zero tolerance for violations in the work zone.

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