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PA Senate To Return This Week After House Strikes Out In Budget Effort

HARRISBURG, PA (CBS) -- Another Saturday session of the state House produced no breakthrough in the stalemate over revenues to pay for Pennsylvania's new budget.

The state Senate is expected to return this coming week.

State House members met behind closed doors for several hours Saturday and left town without taking any votes.

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With House majority Republicans unable to get behind a proposal he favors to fund the new budget without tax increases, House Speaker Mike Turzai said the next move is up to the Senate and the governor.

Drew Crompton, Chief Counsel to the top-ranking state Senator, Republican Joe Scarnati, said that chamber is expected to return this week and forge ahead with or without the House.

Crompton openly questioned if House Republicans are looking for consensus.

"If all parties are not going to play in that game, then we'll do it with anybody else that would like to participate in being responsible to fund the budget."

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