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Pa. Senate Returns Amid Latest Budget Quandary

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) -- Pennsylvania state senators return to the capitol Monday facing a novel set of circumstances as they once again try to wrap up work on a plan to fully fund the state budget.

What was an ordinary game of chess in Harrisburg has morphed into the three dimensional variety.

Senators will return to evaluate the latest revenue plan passed by the House that would borrow $1.5 billion against future tobacco settlement revenues. But they must do so while contemplating the fact that Governor Wolf is proceeding with his own plan to monetize $1.25 billion dollars of future liquor system profits.

Republican Jake Corman is the Senate majority leader.

"I'm concerned about him going down dual tracks with the LCB at the same time," he said. "There would be nothing to stop him from doing the tobacco and the LCB."

Meanwhile, the Liquor Control Board on Friday approved contracts for advisors as it moves ahead with the governor's borrowing plan with the chairman saying the board has no plan to reverse course.

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