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Pa. Lawmakers Call On Navy To Fund Study Related To Contaminated Water At Two Former Bases

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (CBS) -- Pennsylvania lawmakers are asking the U.S. Navy to fund a study to evaluate potential health risks from chemicals found in wells and drinking water around the former naval bases in Warminster, Bucks County and Horsham, Montgomery County.

State Reps Bernie O'Neill and Todd Stephens are requesting the Navy fund an independent assessment of whether or not there are health risks stemming from past water contamination in Horsham and Warminster.

Stephens says the water is currently safe to drink as the contaminated wells are no longer used. But, he adds, they need to know if there are increased health risks from PFOAs and PFOSs that were in the water supply. And, if so, are there steps that need to be taken now.

"Is there additional screening that we should ask of our doctors?" he says. "Are there additional blood tests or some other medical testing or evaluations that we need to be aware of?"

The chemicals were in foam used by firefighters on the bases, and Stephens isn't blaming the Navy for the contamination. He says they've been a great partner, both when the base was active and through the transition.

He's hopeful the Navy will, as he puts it, live up to their obligations and responsibilities and will fund the study.

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