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Pa. Lawmaker Proposes Tuition Incentive For Illegal Immigrants Who Are Striving

By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) -- A bill dubbed Pennsylvania's version of the "Dream Act" is being introduced in the state legislature.

The measure would allow undocumented students who have graduated from high school in Pennsylvania, or have a GED certificate, to pay in-state tuition rates at state-owned or state-related universities, and community colleges.

The state senate bill is sponsored by a Republican from Lancaster County and co-sponsored by Sen. Anthony Williams (D-Phila.), who says it not only is the right thing to do but would also benefit the state.

"If they (students) settle in Pennsylvania, then not only will they work in Pennsylvania but they will probably be one of the greatest contributors to the revenue stream that we direly need," Williams (at lectern in photo) said today.

"We want to be able to contribute to the place that we know and love, because we've grown up here," said Miguel Andrade, a youth organizer with Juntos, in Philadelphia.

The legislation would also make undocumented students eligible for aid through PHEAA.

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