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PA Gym Bans Political TV Stations After Fights Break Out

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A Pennsylvania fitness center has banned all political-related television shows from their gym TVs.

To keep the workout zone 'drama-free,' the YMCA in Greater Scranton says members cannot watch anything related to politics.

That means no CNN, MSNBC and Fox News.

The decision comes after some fights broke out at the center.

In a statement, YMCA CEO Trish Fisher says that people come to the gym to be part of a community and feel safe, and political talk is not the right place for it.

Reaction from Philly gym-goers has been mixed.

"Whoever you voted for, it's better if everyone is sort of forced to live together," said one.

"I also think it could start a lot of problems and the gym isn't really the place to get in fights or start problems," said another.

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