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Pa. Governor Candidate Tom Wolf Thinks Recent Corbett Action Was No Grand Slam

By Brad Segall

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (CBS) -- Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf questioned Governor Corbett's leadership during the budget process during a stop in Norristown today, as he toured the Chandler Bat Company.

Chandler Bat is one of the fastest growing companies in the area, now supplying baseball bats to more than a quarter of Major League Baseball players.

Wolf says he found it surprising and, having been in politics before, found it unusual that Corbett would behave that way, especially with his own party.

Corbett signed the state budget but line-item vetoed more than $70 million in legislative earmarks and operating expenses (see related story).

Wolf says it doesn't appear that Corbett was involved in the process.

"The person who, in this case who is the governor, or the CEO of a company actually pulls people together and leads the process of creating an annual budget -- that's leadership," Wolf said.

He called Corbett's ads painting him as a millionaire who wants to raise taxes on working families "totally false."

He reiterated his own plan to expand Medicaid, put a tax on Marcellus Shale drilling, and try to close loopholes in the tax code.  He believes there are ample opportunities to generate the revenue needed to make a budget work for the programs people want, including education.


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