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Pa. Funeral Director Dismayed By Court Ruling Reinstating Food Ban

By John McDevitt

LANCASTER, Pa. (CBS) -- A federal judge has ordered no more food service at Pennsylvania funeral homes.

The food ban at Pennsylvania funeral homes was instituted in 1952 out of food safety concerns.  Then, in 2012, a federal judge deemed the earlier ruling unconstitutional.

Now, a federal appeals court has reversed the reversal, once again banning food at funeral homes in the commonwealth.

Chad Snyder, director of Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home in Lancaster, Pa. says he's baffled and  disappointed by the ruling.

"There are many other places that would come to the conclusion of health hazards," he said today.  "I mean, retirement communities, hospitals -- they also provide food service."

He says it was an ancillary service that gave comfort to families.

"Families really appreciated the convenience, and we would partner with local caterers and restaurants at the family's request.  It displayed togetherness, it displayed  a wonderful socializing tribute at the funeral home."

Snyder says his funeral home arranged food for 40-50 memorial services since the 2012 ruling.

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