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Pa. Ending Second Month With No Budget In Sight

By Tony Romeo 

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) -- Today marks the end of Pennsylvania's second full month without a budget, and no end to the stalemate in sight.

On Tuesday, state House majority Republicans – for lack of Democratic votes – tried and failed on a piecemeal basis to partially override Governor Wolf's June 30th veto of the budget. Then on Wednesday, the Governor cancelled a schedule negotiating session with legislative leaders. His spokesman said Wolf needed more time to review a GOP proposal.

House majority leader Dave Reed raised the possibility that lawmakers could attempt to pass temporary, stop-gap funding measures.

"We're still in discussions internally and with the Senate on what would be contained in a stopgap budget but we've got to get money out to these human service agencies," Reed said. "And there are some public schools that really become endangered once you get into mid-September and late September."

But stopgap measures would require the governor's approval. Reed described the budget situation as being in 'limbo'.

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