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Pa. DA's Speak Out On Law And Order In The Suburbs

By Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Most of the focus in society is on urban crime, but problems continue to escalate in the suburbs.

The four suburban counties surrounding Philadelphia have their own challenges. In an unusual session with the four district attorneys, all agreed that the priority right now is battling addiction of prescription drugs and the crime surrounding it.

"We formulated the Heroin Task Force approximately a year ago with the focus of education, prevention, and awareness," Delaware County DA Jack Whelan said. "And part of that program is putting together individuals in a field such as the County Council, the Medical Examiner, the Senior Medical Advisor, a parent, a realtor -- all working together."

Montgomery County DA Risa Ferman says there are other problems as well:

"So when you think about crimes against property, burglaries are the easiest thing to think about. You're a home owner and whether you're home or you're not home the sanctity of where you live is being invaded. That is very troubling to our residents. Also identity theft type crimes. People who are stealing other people's identity, stealing their personal information, compromising accounts, all of the kind of scams.

Ferman joins Whelan and their counterparts from Chester and Bucks Counties with a look at suburban law and order challenges tonight on Voice of Reason on The Comcast Network.

Hear Larry's full interviews (trt: 24:44)...

VOR: Suburban Law and Order

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