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PA Based Flagmaker Shuts Off Production Of Confederate Flag

By Mark Abrams

WYOMISSING, Pa. (CBS) -- A major U.S. flag maker, Valley Forge Flag based in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, just outside of Reading, Berks County, has decided to stop making confederate flags.

Valley Forge Flag president Reggie Vandenbosch says the tragedy in Charleston played a role in his decision.

"We have decided to not participate in that part of the industry by discontinuing the product, not producing it."

Vandenbosch, whose company produces all kinds of flags and products, says confederate flags and sales made up very little of the company's revenue or products.

"Being in the sales function, it didn't even matter. The volume didn't amount to anything for us."

He says he will decide in coming days what to do with the small inventory of confederate flags his company still has.

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