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Pa. Auditor General Thinks NCAA Lawsuit Will Divert Attention From Sex Abuse Victims

By Tony Romeo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Pennsylvania's auditor general says he's concerned that a lawsuit challenging the NCAA's sanctions of Penn State will divert attention from issues raised by the child sex abuse scandal there.

Jack Wagner, who is in his final week as auditor general, stopped short of saying he opposes Governor Corbett's lawsuit against the NCAA, but said he believes that it shifts the focus on Penn State away from where it should be.

"This is now all now back about sports, rather than what happened to the children. And that's what is disturbing to me about this issue. I would like to see someone say that the issues in our report need priority."

The report he refers to contains extensive recommendations to reform the governance of the university, including a proposal to reduce the power of Penn State's president. As to whether the NCAA has standing to punish Penn State, Wagner says simply there have to be consequences for what happened.

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