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Pa. Attorney General Joins Investigation Into Special Election Fraud Complaints

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Pennsylvania Attorney General is joining an investigation of last week's special election for a North Philadelphia state house seat. The results are also being challenged in court.

It's been a bumpy ride for this seat. The ballot featured just one name-- a Republican, though the district is 85 percent Democrat.

Democrat Emilio Vazquez ran a write in campaign, as did Cheri Honkala of the Green Party. Honkala and Republicans complained throughout the day about Democratic election officials violating electioneering and voter assistance laws. The District Attorney's Office agreed it warranted a formal investigation and, at the behest of Republican house leaders, Attorney General Josh Shapiro is joining them.

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"Our agents will be working side by side with District Attorney detectives during the course of this investigation and we will ultimately make a charging determination based on evidence," Shapiro said.

Meanwhile, Honkala plans to file a federal suit on Thursday challenging the results. But Vazquez's attorney Adam Bonin says with Vazquez getting 75 percent of the vote, he should be declared the winner.

"None of this can or should disturb the results of the election," Vazquez said. "Not when the outcome is this clear."

The City Commissioners say they do plan to certify the results, as scheduled.

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