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Outpouring Of Support Means Homeless Family Gets New Home

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The homeless family whose two-year-old son was found wandering in LOVE Park over the weekend is in court today with the hopes of regaining custody of their children.

An outpouring of community support means the family will soon have a home.

Angelique Roland and Michael Jones are celebrating, "It just feels good that we're not alone."

Just three days ago, the couple was sleeping under the visitor's center in LOVE Park after shelters turned them away. They lost custody of their two children, after their two-year-old was found wandering nearby, but now the tables have turned.

"That's God's doing."

"Within 15 hours we were able to raise $12,000 so that we can provide rent for this family for a year."

Brian Jenkins of Chosen 300 ministries lead the fundraising effort. He says the family is moving into a hotel today. They're also hoping to re-gain custody of their children today.

Jenkins says this family's plight highlights a bigger problem, the large number of people living in deep poverty in Philadelphia.

"The need of helping those that are impoverished is a day to day operation."

Jenkins says Roland and Jones will move into their new furnished apartment next week.

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