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Otter Sightings On The Rise Along Schuylkill River

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Next time you're along the Schuylkill River keep your eyes peeled for some playful little critters that are becoming more and more popular in the area. It's a sign that efforts to improve the environment are paying off.

River Otters aren't rare along the Schuylkill, but there appear to be more sightings recently.

"Previously the Schuylkill River wouldn't be as hospitable to River Otters as it is now due to the improvements of water quality the increase of habitat and increase of fish abundance," said Joe Perillo, an aquatic biologist for the Philadelphia Water Department's Bureau of Laboratory Services.

Perillo says the otters mostly come out in the twilight hours. A popular spot is behind the Philadelphia Museum of Art. You may be able to spot them on the west side of river, across from the waterfall, near the fish latter.

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