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Open For Business: How Merzbacher Bakery Went From Barely Surviving During Pandemic To Thriving

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- During the pandemic, so many people started baking bread, but for one Germantown bread bakery, business actually came to a halt -- until the owner decided to try something new. In this week's Open for Business segment, we head to Merzbacher Bakery to see how they went from barely surviving the pandemic to thriving in it.

Perched above the streets in Germantown is a bread bakery where garden boxes of homegrown wheat live on the lawn and alive inside is a group of bakers practicing an age-old tradition with some new kicks that make their bread, like their signature Philly Muffin, all their own. This is Merzbacher Bakery.

It's a company of 30 people all committed to baking bread that's so good you want to share it.

The owner is Pete Merzbacher. His ideas got bigger and he moved his business into larger spaces. His name and breads began to rise in the Philadelphia restaurant scene under the name Philly Bread, but in 2020, COVID-19 would change everything about his business -- everything but the bread.

For more on Merzbacher Bakery, watch the video above.

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