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Open For Business: Ends Of The Earth Offers Cigar Enthusiasts Original Experience For Quick Respite From Reality

HADDONFIELD, N.J. (CBS) -- For most cigar lovers, they are more than something to smoke -- it's more of an experience, something to savor. In this week's Open For Business feature, CBS3 travels to the Ends of the Earth cigar shop in Haddonfield, New Jersey, where the entire store provides its own unique experience.

If you're looking for an original experience like the thrill of watching the Riddler -- also known as Frank Gorshin -- in the television original Batman, then come inside his son, Mitch and grandson Brandon's hideaway in Haddonfield.

"To be able to use cigars, which is, you hang back and you be quiet and you be mindful, you enjoy yourself, that's my form of entertainment," Brandon said.

Their cigar shop, Ends of the Earth, is where people come from all over the planet to swirl about stories while buying or having a smoke in a building that has a story to tell itself, which makes it perfect for storing sticks.

"Mechanic Street was the transportation hub of Haddonfield, which meant horses and buggies," Frank said. "Downstairs, we have all the original stone foundation from the 1700s so the temperature always stays great, the humidity stays just right and people just like that grotto experience."

Part of the business is a private cigar club, but the other part is their retail space that offers snacks, coffee, men's grooming and more.

"The bulk of our purchases come from the cigars downstairs," Brandon said.

Together, they're rewriting a new chapter for what the cover of a cigar shop would look like, which includes more women than you would think.

"Generally, when you think of a cigar shop, it's just guys coming in here and our base audience are really women," Frank said, 'and it's people that just want to put the breaks on for a little bit and listen to Oscar Peterson and play a game of chess and shoot the breeze."

Even still, Ends of the Earth is more than that.

Watch the video above for more on the Ends of the Earth cigar shop.

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