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Philadelphia Man Pleads Guilty In More Violent Attacks

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - A 48-year-old Philadelphia man has pleaded guilty to two despicable robberies in Center City: an attack on a 93-year-old woman in the elevator of her apartment building, and another attack on a young mother walking her infant in a stroller.

Both victims were in court Wednesday as defendant Michael Crump admitted to the crimes.

There was an audible gasp from spectators in the courtroom as the prosecutor described how Crump had knocked the elderly victim to the ground and then kicked her before fleeing from the elevator.

Crump got four dollars from the woman, but not without a fight.

"You are supposed to, if you are being attacked, you're supposed to hand over your valuables and not make a fuss about it," the feisty elderly victim told the judge. "But my feeling is, damn it, I worked all my life for this money and you are not going to get it. It was only four bucks, let's be brutally honest about it. The whole robbery was only four dollars. But at the same time it's my money and I worked for it."

The elderly victim did lose a valued photo of her husband, who died five years ago, and that clearly still hurts more than the bruises and broken finger.

Crump pleaded guilty in a third case, a pickpocket crime, earlier this week. He is in custody and will be sentenced in July.

Reported by Tony Hanson, KYW Newsradio 1060

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