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One Day Later, Police Ticket Driver At Home For Not Clearing Car Of Snow

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- You've probably heard that New Jersey law requires you to clear snow off your car. But you may not realize that police can ticket you long after you've parked in your driveway.

After the weekend snowstorm that hit the Philadelphia region, a police officer in Medford, Burlington County spotted a snow-covered car.

"The officer was responding to an emergency situation and observed the vehicle with, I guess, a heavy amount of snow on the roof," said Medford Police Lieutenant Arthur Waterman.

Waterman says the officer responded to the emergency but noted the license plate of the snowy car. The next day the driver was surprised to see an officer at the front door, ticket in hand. Waterman says most citations are issued face-to-face on the street, but he says occasionally officers will track down drivers at home.

"Periodically. I don't think it would be an everyday thing," he said, "but as we get storms and bad weather, if there is a violation and they observe it, there is the possibility and they have the discretion to be able to issue that summons."

State law calls for fines of $25 to $75 for failing to clear snow from your car, regardless of where the ticket is issued.

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