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One Day After Derailment, Others Forced to Improvise Travel Plans to NYC

By Steve Tawa

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Philadelphia train derailment last night was confounding the travel plans of people who were trying to get to New York City today.

Amtrak service between Philadelphia and New York was obviously going to remain shut down for the foreseeable future.

So, some travelers just outside 30th Street Station got creative, and some strangers became friends.

As a line for the next Megabus formed along a sidewalk in the 3000 block of JFK Boulevard, the growing crowd was being told that scheduled buses were filled but the company was working on adding some additional trips.

Then, one clever traveler who on her way to a taping of to "The Daily Show" in New York City, had an idea.  Allie used her smartphone to look up Uber, the on-demand ride service.

"All right, let's just go to New York," she said to those standing nearby.   "And we'll split it."

Someone suggested finding out the price first.

As they counted heads, in an instant there were seven people who agreed to pool their resources to get to Times Square.

"We have a Lincoln Navigator, and Michael is our driver," Allie said.

Then, just a few minutes later, the huge SUV came into view.

"Oh my god, he's rounding the corner," said Blossom.  "This is nuts.  Technology!"

Michael, the driver, said he could take them anywhere, including midtown Manhattan.  But the price was a little steep.

"For this SUV, about $500, but you can split it seven ways," Michael advised the impromptu travel group.

They huddled again and decided to be dropped off in Trenton, NJ, for under $200.

"We're going to Trenton," Allie summarized.  "Change of plans!  We'll go to Trenton and hop on NJT to get to New York."

And they were off.



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