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On-Beach Parking Becomes Reality In Wildwood

WILDWOOD, N.J. (CBS) - A trip to the beach often includes some hassle, especially when it comes to parking and getting your stuff from your car to the sand.

Wildwood is hoping to make both those things more convenient.

"We're bringing the ability now to park on the beach," says Pete Byron

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Byron and the other City Commissioners unanimously approved on-beach parking, something Brigantine has been offering for the past decade.

"This will only be for all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive cars," Byron explains, "and there'll be a designated area, so people aren't going to be able to drive all over the beach, so there'll be no danger to any of the beachgoers."

The on-beach parking entrance is at Baker Avenue, not too far from the Wildwoods Convention Center.

"It's an area on the back of the beach," Byron says, "a less frequented area, people want to be close to the ocean.

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Byron says this will "enhance a persons trip to Wildwood..."

"It'll be a little more easier than having to park three or four blocks away, continue to feed a parking meter and to lug all the boogie boards, chairs, etc."

As for cost, it'll be $10 a day to park during the hours the beach is guarded and $20 during special events.

Byron expects on-beach parking to start sometime around the second week of July.

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