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Omarosa: 'Democrats Are Shaking In Their Boots'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Omarosa, a reality television contestant and Donald Trump's director of African-American outreach, discussed Trump's appeal to black voters and why she supports him for President.

During an interview with Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, she claimed Trump's message is catching on with black voters.

"African-Americans want jobs. All Americans need jobs. We're hurting, particularly in cities that we've visited. We've come to Philly, of course. We've been to Detroit. We've been to Flint. We've seen people are hurting and they need help. Donald Trump is not okay with us shipping our jobs overseas, allowing illegals to take the jobs that hard working Americans could be working in. Because he's speaking up, the Democrats are shaking in their boots because his message is resonating and because they know he gets the job done. He's not just selling hope because hope doesn't fill gas tanks and it doesn't fill prescriptions and it doesn't fill your bank account. Hope is fine for some folks but it's not really paying off for others."

However, she also pointed out that she still receives a lot of hostility when people find out she supports the controversial Republican nominee.


"I wish I had a camera crew following me now, just so that you could see the stares and the jeers and the funny looks and people who are hissing at me. It's pretty remarkable that African-Americans have been so loyal to Democrats and the Democrats haven't been loyal to them, and yet, when they see someone who is standing by a candidate who can actually help make change in our community, they hiss and they stare. But I'm going to continue to be bold. I'm not afraid of anything. I'm going to to have meetings and conversations. I'm on panels to talk about Donald Trump's policies and his platforms. I'm not going to be intimidated at all."

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