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Oliver North On Bergdahl: Pres. Obama Will Blame Secretary Of Defense For Deal

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Dom Giordano spoke with Oliver North on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about his new book, Counterfeit Lies, and the trade of terrorist detainees for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

Oliver North on Bergdahl

North's latest book focuses on nuclear arms negotiations with Iran and what North believes are the sinister intentions of the government.

"The next big scandal is going to be how the Iranians are going to evade this so-called international agreement on nuclear weapons. We got an interim agreement now that lifts part of the sanctions. The Obama Administration wants a way to lift the rest of the sanctions so they can continue to help their friends in the Islamic radical world. What they're going to do is they're going to doctor this agreement and the Iranians are going to evade the consequences, which are sanctions, and continue to build and acquire nuclear weapons," he explained.

He went on to say that since the opposition to the decision to trade five Guantanamo detainees for prisoner of war Bowe Bergdahl has increased, the President would now blame his Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, for making the deal.

"Now that there's Democrat Senators and Congressman who are going, 'Oh my gosh, this is a disaster for us,' now they're looking at the White House spinning it, 'Well we really didn't make this decision. This was made by Chuck Hagel.' So now Hagel is going to be, basically, raw meat," North stated.

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